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Why illegal raves are enjoying a renaissance in the UK

Being a young person in the late ’80s wasn’t too dissimilar to being one now; the sociological climate has many parallels. Firstly, the nation’s youth felt that they were facing a future with little prospects, which is also the case now: a recent study commissioned by the Prince’s Trust concluded that young people are fearful… Read more »

Protest artist arrested after setting fire to Paris Bank

The Russian protest artist Petr Pavlensky has been arrested after setting fire to the Banque de France in Paris. The blaze, started during the early hours of Monday morning, was part of a protest performance in response to the “economic system in Europe.” In a statement, Pavlensky – who has been residing in France after… Read more »

Celebrating the world’s most iconic street photography

The world’s most iconic and recognisable street photography is set to be celebrated in the newly-republished Bystander: A History of Street Photography. The book, written by Joel Meyerowitz and Colin Westerbeck, explores the genre’s history and development; and includes an array of work from the late 19th century to the present day. Originally published in 1994, the newly… Read more »

The culture of shame around sexual assault is not just Hollywood’s problem

The thing that’s hardest to explain when people ask, “But why didn’t you say anything?” is the guilt. The guilt about making a fuss. The feeling that, though the thing that happened looms large in your own life – creeping into your head in quiet moments, damaging your relationships with other men, making you feel… Read more »

Exposing the everyday eccentricity of British life

James Springall’s pieced-together collages are known for their punchy, provocative aesthetic – and his latest project, Wish You Weren’t Here, is no different. “I wanted to say something about British culture,” the Newcastle-born artist says. “I thought it would be interesting to peel back the respectable veneer slightly and expose the realities, the anxieties, and the… Read more »

Australia’s freakiest polymath on art, creativity and staying original

To listen to the music of Kirkis is to be transported to a strange, synthy netherworld, where every light’s a flickering one and people can only communicate via hushed, inaudible whispers. It’s a strawberry lollipop dipped in tar. Like watching a beautiful, black-and-white film where everyone – everyone – dies at the end. It’s haunting. It’s grand…. Read more »

Exploring the deserted depths of the Swedish countryside

For the last 10 years, Jan Töve has been visiting Västergötland – a sprawling, snow-ravaged region located in the south of Sweden. The photographer, who grew up in the area, was curious to return and capture the changing face of his childhood home. “My starting point was to dig deeper into what I know,” he tells Huck…. Read more »

The women changing the face of the comic book industry

This year I went to the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival – my first comic book convention. On the face of it, it looked more or less exactly the way I expected it to. Collectors queued to get their prized first-print issues signed, cosplayers crisscrossed the grounds dressed in immaculate homemade costumes, and comic creators… Read more »