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In the UK, gender non-conforming people are in danger

Three weeks ago, when I was on an overcrowded, smellier than usual tube from Victoria to Vauxhall, a young white woman was called a “slut” by a middle-aged white man. The carriage erupted in disgust almost instantly, and the man was forcibly removed from the tube at Pimlico station. I looked at the woman and asked if… Read more »

Photos from yesterday’s Justice for Rohingya rally

Despite getting minimal coverage in most mainstream media, there’s been a major humanitarian crisis unfolding in Myanmar. The Rohingya people, who are based in the nation’s Rakhine state, are currently being massacred in their hundreds by an onslaught of brutal military attacks. According to reports, they are being raped and tortured by Myanmar soldiers, with… Read more »

Behind the scenes at America’s new legal cannabis farms

As the daughter of a pot farmer, Kristen Angelo practically grew up in a grow room. The Seattle-based photographer was exposed to cannabis culture at a young age as her family resided on Vashon Island, an enclave of bohemian-living that’s long been associated with guerilla farming. But in the 90s, the Island became swept up… Read more »

Capturing the forgotten communities of Belarus

I left my village – a small ‘agro-town’ in north western Belarus – rather intuitively, like most of my peers. I moved to Minsk to go to university. For 10 years I had a desire to return, and when I passed by the train station and heard the sound of an outgoing train, my heart… Read more »

The​ ​tropical​ ​BBoys​ ​of​ ​Venezuela​ ​creating​ ​a​ ​safe​ ​haven​ ​in​ ​Caracas

Sweat is pouring down the forehead of 22-year-old breakdancer Jose Alejandro Rodriguez as he takes a break between sets. We’re standing in the middle of Tiuna El Fuerte, a community spaces built from shipping containers sandwiched between a highway and the Barrio of El Valle in Caracas, Venezuela. On the open-air dance floor before us,… Read more »

Documenting queer life under Turkey’s AKP party

Helio Leon is a master of using colour to amplify the emotional tenor of a moment. In a bruised colour palette of violent purples, his images are opulent, sensual and raw. The Cork-based photographer’s new book, The Purple Room, is set across four cities and addresses Leon’s own odyssey into the queer experience. The bulk of… Read more »

Meeting the men who believe they’re Jesus Christ

Before he began to find, chronicle, and photograph the lives of people who think that they are the Messiah – seven men from different parts of the world who believe, sincerely, that they are the Second Coming of Jesus Christ – Jonas Bendiksen was an agnostic photojournalist from Norway. He had worked for Magnum as… Read more »

Taking shots with Ireland’s underage drinkers

Last summer, a friend of mine commissioned me to photograph the underage drinking that happens against the backdrop of the Galway Races. It was pitched to me as a raw, gritty, in your face type of commission – echoing the style of photographers like Martin Parr and Dougie Wallace. With that sort of style and… Read more »

Building a career as a self-taught photographer

“I’m a workaholic… but I work by my own rules,” says Lola Paprocka, sipping a cup of tea in Huck’s 71a Gallery. “It’s really hard for me to obey.” DIY has become second nature for Lola since moving to London from Poland at the age of 18, when she could barely speak English. “I never… Read more »

Shooting the Lynchian landscapes of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a strange, sprawling place. Packed full of micro-villages and movie sets, the city is unlike anywhere else on the planet. It’s where movies get made, and dreams get shattered. It’s where otherworldly artifice collides with harsh reality. It’s also where people – from all over the world, and from all different cultures… Read more »