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Meet the artist bringing queer culture to skateboarding

Unity Skateboarding is difficult to define. The company, started by artist Jeffrey Cheung, does a little bit of everything – publishing zines, designing boards, and hosting regular skater meet-ups. It even has its own ‘creative space’ in Oakland, which comes complete with a radio station, print studio, zine store and community workshop programme. As a… Read more »

How streetwear is uniting the community in Charlottesville

The timeline of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia has now been widely circulated. On Friday August 11, the so-called ‘alt right’ descended on Charlottesville for a ‘Unite the Right’ rally. They were protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate icon General Robert E Lee, an outright monument to white supremacy. The rally, organised by… Read more »

Raving with Myanmar’s punks, emos and metalheads

For one day a year in Myanmar, the country’s government allows its nation’s youth to take part in the ancient Thingyan Spirit Water Festival. The ritual sees mass gatherings throughout the region, where people are allowed to express their individuality, identity and freedom.  To provide some context, there are no nightclubs or public parties normally allowed… Read more »

Are left-wing sexists really worse than right?

Imagine being the worst – the actual worst – sexist. It would take some doing; some real commitment, a not insubstantial dash of chutzpah. On Saturday, at the Edinburgh Book Festival, the Labour MP Jess Phillips claimed that “well-meaning Left-wing men” are “the actual worst sexists”, as opposed to the “out and out sexists” of… Read more »

What life is really like for teenagers on the front line

The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been a long one. It seems like the world just views these countries – particularly the landlocked region of Nagorno-Karabakh – as one big conflict zone. The troubles started in 1988, escalating into a full-scale war when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. It left 65,000 ethnic Armenians… Read more »

The art behind Russia’s revolutionary uprisings

London’s Tate Modern has announced a new exhibition dedicated to the political visual art of Russia and the Soviet Union. The show, titled Red Star over Russia: A Revolution in Visual Culture, will focus specifically on the revolutionary uprisings of the early 20th century, with over 250 posters, paintings, photographs, and books going on display. It will… Read more »

Fading glory: Inside the North’s forgotten dog racing scene

“I just love to watch the speed of them. Win or lose, I just love it,” enthuses 22-year-old Josh in Dan Emmerson’s sensory new short, Gannin Hyem. The seven-minute film, co-produced by the Huck team here at TCO and Somesuch, tells the story of Newcastle’s Whippet racing scene – a north-eastern subculture currently at risk of extinction. “There… Read more »

Why giant murals of black women are popping up across London

You may already be familiar with the work of Neequaye ‘Dreph’ Dsane. The British Ghanaian street artist has been painting bright, colourful murals across the world’s walls for several years now – with his work appearing in Asia, Africa, the UAE, America and all throughout Europe. Vast and vibrant, they often pay tribute to the “living… Read more »