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Inside Grow Heathrow: the UK’s most famous protest camp

Matt, 30, was homeless when he first stumbled across Grow Heathrow – a four-acre protest camp built seven years ago to oppose the expansion of London’s busiest airport. Before that, the activist had been evicted from a “horrifically oppressive and violent” shelter, where he was caught trying to help other residents claim benefits instead of applying… Read more »

Self-appointed ‘King’ Macron is no antidote to Trump

It’s inescapable: the President of France is behaving very strangely. ‘Democracy is not enough by itself,’ he pronounced in a new book. ‘In French politics, this absence is the presence of a King, a king whom, fundamentally, I don’t think the French people wanted dead.’ That king will, of course, be himself. Philosopher Bertrand Russell… Read more »

The Bristol Bike Project is transforming lives with the power of two wheels

Stokes Croft, in the city of Bristol, has long been a hotbed of creativity and activism: a microcosm that retains its independent roots even in a time of increased gentrification and development. Nestled under the Banksy-adorned Hamilton House, an otherwise standard five-storey office block, lies the Bristol Bike Project (BBP), a workshop-cum-bike shop that sells… Read more »

“If the world can see, the world can change”

The world has never been so challenging. And in this age of deepening divides, photography has never been so important. With more images being made than ever before, photographers who choose to place themselves at the pivot points of change – capturing grassroots movements as they form and rise – help us all bear witness… Read more »

The photographer capturing the humanity at the heart of the NHS

When Londoner Lewis Khan first started a residency at Chelsea and Westminster hospital he had a political agenda. It was Spring 2015, another election season, and the heated topic of healthcare was all over the news. “I wanted to do something that was celebrating the NHS, going against privatisation,” he says. While the media debated… Read more »

Ed Templeton’s tips for overcoming fear as a self-taught photographer

Ed Templeton’s daily ritual goes a little something like this: wander around Huntington Beach, home of the beach-bum and Californian cliche, and point a lens at everyday scenes that are by turns comical, mundane or absurd. Teenage lovers, selfie-stick shooters, dogs that skateboard better than their humans: these walking billboards of Americana are his daily… Read more »