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Amy Goodman’s fierce brand of independent journalism

Journalism’s ongoing state of crisis is still, scarily, in its infancy. As we flail around trying to figure out how to get heard – and paid – while publishing stories that matter, there’s always a beacon on the horizon when things fade to grey. Democracy Now!, a last bastion of ‘proper’ journalism – a place you can rely… Read more »

The Chinese photographers causing a stir in 2016

It’s no secret that China’s art market has experienced a boom in recent years, thanks in no small part to household names like Ai Wei Wei. But in the photography world, a new generation of talent is emerging and creating a statement of its own. Ever since China opened up and globalised its market, photography… Read more »

The Travel Diary: Uzbekistan’s man-made water crisis captured in beautiful stills

Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country, a one-party “democracy” for the last 26 years and one of only two double landlocked countries in the world.  I initially travelled to Uzbekistan on a journey to reach the Aral Sea, a mass of water that is rapidly receding as the result of one of the biggest… Read more »

A Difficult Truth: America is entrenched in a race war

The time has come to stop talking about “America” and to start talking about White America and Black America. All Americans, regardless of their phenotypes, fall into one camp or the other. The separation is essential because the moral, spiritual and physical destruction of Black America is one of the rocks upon which White America… Read more »

Brexit Britain: You’ve been played

We did it, Nigel Farage claimed, basking in his new dawn, ‘without a single bullet being fired’. Pedantically, he is correct; Jo Cox, a committed left-wing, pro-migrant internationalist MP was shot several times by Thomas Mair, a long-time fascist activist. A week, it seems, remains a long time in politics, even one book-ended by political… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops: Documentary portraits round-up

Photography is a solo game. But here at Huck we prefer to play it as a team. Every image is a collaboration, between photographer, editor, art director and subject. And now, with Huck Photo Workshops, we’re adding you into the mix. Huck Photo Workshops are practical masterclasses led by award-winning Huck photographers that bring you… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops

Here at Huck, we’re lucky to work with an amazing network of talented photographers whose personal work and storytelling style pushes boundaries every day. And then there’s you – our devoted readers – who also never fail to blow our minds with the images you make and share. Now, we’ve found a way to close… Read more »

Huck Photo Workshops: iPhone photography round-up

The inaugural Huck Photo Workshop kicked off on May 27 with an evening masterclass led by award-winning photographer Daniella Zalcman. A multiple Pulitzer grantee, Daniella has perfected the art of iPhone photography and app-based post-production tools to create a multilayered aesthetic that she then applies to narrative photojournalism projects like her forthcoming book, Signs of… Read more »