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What kind of American Dream awaits immigrants in the US?

Since Katrina, thousands of Latin Americans have moved to Louisiana to work on reconstruction efforts. Many have stayed, and many more have followed over the years, fleeing gang war, violence and poverty back home. In November 2014, President Obama introduced legislation to protect up to 5 million people from deportation. Protection extends to those who… Read more »

Argos dabbles in ‘street cred’ in hyper-plastic ad

This column has a couple of themes: it’s a report back from the blurred line that now exists between culture and commerce, but perhaps more importantly, it’s also a look at some of the work that really sucks created in the name of ‘youth culture’. My name is King Adz and you may previously know… Read more »

New Housing Battle kicks off in London

“This isn’t just about West Hendon. This is about social cleansing,” says Jeanette Evans, who faces losing her home due to a multi-million pound redevelopment of the West Hendon housing estate in North London. Evans and her fellow West Hendon residents rallied on Thursday, stepping up their grassroots campaign against the development in hopes of… Read more »

Countercultural history, through the lens of a fan

Glen E. Friedman is not a documentarian. So calling him one, in polite deference, doesn’t make for a great start. He doesn’t like open-ended questions (“I think you have to put it in more specific terms. What you are saying is kind of general”) or when you misinterpret what he says (“It’s idealise, not idolise…. Read more »

Luxury London is a vision of hell

If you live in London, absurdist advertising for new housing developments are an all too familiar pain in the arse. EXHIBIT A: A lean, Savile Row suited übershite gazes across the city’s towers from the floor to ceiling windows in his apartment musing on his conquering of the market – before turning to cast a… Read more »

Don’t let Charlie Hebdo become a fearmonger’s tool

Last week I had a moment of sympathy with terrorists. When hackers intimidated Sony into limiting the theatrical release of The Interview, a movie chock full of tired Asian stereotypes, the very first thing that occurred to me was, “Ha! Fuck you, James Franco and your tired brand of white-dude humour”. It further deepened my… Read more »

Huck 48 – The Origins Issue

For the past decade we’ve met creative doers, both iconic and unknown, at the forefront of DIY culture who’ve shared invaluable lessons they’ve learned along the way. Their stories inspire; their work impacts our world. Now, as we near our fiftieth issue, we’re ready to dig even deeper into the engine of creativity that these… Read more »

Kim Gordon is endlessly reinventing herself

Forty minutes into our interview, I mention to Kim Gordon that she’s an inspirational figure and ask her if she ever feels the weight of this fact. Her response, which can be charted somewhere on the spectrum between LOL and RME [roll my eyes, duh], sees her fix me with a cold stare that seems… Read more »

Santiago’s homegrown brands and shops are embracing their roots

Thanks to Chile’s booming economy, the fastest growing in South America, young entrepreneurs in Santiago are turning away from American brands and embracing grassroots ventures rooted in Chilean traditions, myths and produce. Huck roamed the cobble-stoned city to meet the makers, boutique owners and shapers on home turf and get a sense of what’s driving… Read more »

One of London’s longest-standing communities faces eviction in the New Year

In March 2014, the residents of London’s New Era estate – a quiet little enclave in post-hip Hoxton – received a letter through the mail that landed like a bomb. The flats they call home – and have done for years – had been sold to a faceless company based across the Atlantic: American pension… Read more »

Meet the single mums fighting for your right to an affordable home

I’m typing this article in the back of a VW Golf, en route to buy some fireworks, and sandwiched between two mouthy ladies – fourteen-year-old Saffron and three-year-old Sapphire. The mouthier of the two, Sapphire, is screaming, “Mummy!” while pointing at an article on my laptop screen about the Focus E15 squat on the Carpenters… Read more »