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One of London’s longest-standing communities faces eviction in the New Year

In March 2014, the residents of London’s New Era estate – a quiet little enclave in post-hip Hoxton – received a letter through the mail that landed like a bomb. The flats they call home – and have done for years – had been sold to a faceless company based across the Atlantic: American pension… Read more »

Meet the single mums fighting for your right to an affordable home

I’m typing this article in the back of a VW Golf, en route to buy some fireworks, and sandwiched between two mouthy ladies – fourteen-year-old Saffron and three-year-old Sapphire. The mouthier of the two, Sapphire, is screaming, “Mummy!” while pointing at an article on my laptop screen about the Focus E15 squat on the Carpenters… Read more »

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Playlist

Julian Casablancas has long been considered one of the great songwriters of his generation. As frontman of The Strokes, he crooned his way through punchy power-rock that became an anthem for the early naughties and defined a new aesthetic for urbanites looking to New York City for their lead in a post-9/11 world. Being appreciated… Read more »

Talia Herman captures rural California life

Talia Herman is a San Francisco-based documentary photographer who trained at the International Centre of Photography in New York City. Now, having returned to her Northern California roots, she is reconnecting with the region’s residual counterculture through an ongoing project called Queer Habits about a rural non-profit founded by a group of drag queens that… Read more »

Huck 47 – Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas, frontman of The Strokes, is ready to speak to power. He’s rallied together a new band – the epicly self-titled Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – and put out his first protest record. He wants to radicalise the mainstream, make edgy the new cool, and expose hypocrisy in politics and music. So, what’s driving… Read more »

Personal Truths

Is there such a thing as an objective shot? Or is all photography fiction – a carefully framed, personalised version of the truth? This is the question burning at the heart of Huck 46 – The Documentary Photography Special II. And on September October 30, it will spring to life as Personal Truths, a group… Read more »

A surfing storm is brewing

Surfing is meaningless. Surfing is entirely non productive. If you take the mainstream’s view of things, surfing is the domain of a global coterie of small-town boys (and a handful of hard-bodied girls) whose very being is infused with cliché. If you’re from the latitudes not normally associated with these things, then your identity as… Read more »

Is London falling victim to cultural cleansing?

It’s expensive to live in London. No shit Sherlock. It has always been. But now it’s ridiculous. Parts of town that used to be rat infested backwaters populated by a generations deep communities are now vapid, millionaires’ ghettos. Just look at Shoreditch. It was always a dark, greasy corner of town avoided by anyone but… Read more »

Ying Ang

To celebrate Huck 46: The Documentary Photography Special II, our annual celebration of visual storytelling, we are having a Huck website takeover – Shoot Your World – dedicated to the personal stories behind the photographs we love. In this regular series, Answers On A Postcard, we ask photographers to get existential and respond to a visual q&a with their… Read more »

Huck 46 Mixtape

A photograph can speak without saying a single word. So imagine what it can do when accompanied by a banging tune? This mixtape is your companion to Huck 46: The Documentary Photography Special II, a bumper-sized compendium of personal photo stories delivered in good old silent print. Our reasons for choosing each song are about… Read more »

Ying Ang Playlist

Nomadic photographer Ying Ang contemplates the meaning of home in her contribution to Huck 46 – The Documentary Photography Special II. Her beautifully eerie portrait of Australia’s Gold Coast – the city she grew up in and has been trying to escape ever since – uncovered the darker side of life downunder in subtle Lynchian… Read more »

Is social media the new weapon of war?

Truth is the first casualty of war. So as the US-led strikes on the so-called ‘Islamic State’ swings into action, to which version of this embattled veracity are we to subscribe? It might be that the Jihadi Caliphate that is the Islamic State is indeed a medievalist tyranny. The United Nations has verified that war… Read more »