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Photos of life after China’s devastating one-child policy

Youqine Lefèvre, in her own words, “shouldn’t exist”. She was the second child born to middle-class parents in China during the country’s one-child policy, which restricted families to a single child as part of a government initiative to curb population growth. Implemented in 1979 and abolished in 2016, the consequences of the policy have been… Read more »

The soul singer who was rediscovered behind bars

Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “Generally speaking, punishment makes men hard and cold. It sharpens their feelings of alienation.” This notion couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to 69-year-old Norman Whiteside, a veteran soul singer from Columbus, Ohio, who shows no signs of bitterness despite losing 31 years to a highly contentious… Read more »

Chronicling radical shifts across the UK in the 70s & 80s

At a time when the UK was undergoing tremendous political, economic, and social changes, a new generation of emerging photographers kept pace. Now, a new exhibition, This Is Britain: Photographs from the 1970s and 1980s, brings together work by artists who chronicled the nation as it grappled with the impact of deindustrialisation, racial unrest, The… Read more »

Capturing the impacts of wildfires and flooding globally

Just over a decade ago in 2012, photographer Gideon Mendel travelled to Nigeria after hearing about the outbreak of flooding across the country. The floods were a  natural and humanitarian disaster in the country, killing 363 people and displacing over two million from their homes. Mendel travelled to the southern state of Bayelsa and while… Read more »

Poignant photos of Cornwall’s last raceway

In January 2021, Becky Tyrrell was driving in her car along the idyllic northern coast of Cornwall on her daily commute to work. Having flicked through a few radio stations, she settled on the local news. One story piqued her attention: the United Downs Raceway, situated by the village of St Day, and the last… Read more »