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From skateboarding prankster to extreme endurance athlete

Matt Pritchard was used to seeing himself looking wrecked on TV. As a creator and co-star of Dirty Sanchez, MTV’s notorious noughties prank show, being filmed doing stupid stuff while drunk and high was essentially his job description. Nostrils were super-glued together, tongues were stapled. One week he was whacked with a meat tenderiser until… Read more »

Does nature free creativity? Find out in Canada’s wilderness

How much of a toll does the daily, relentless information overload take on our brains? Our routine life can leave our minds prone to mistakes, unable to focus and just plain fatigued, but University of Utah cognitive neuroscientist David Strayer has found a possible cure: Nature. After returning from just three days in beautiful natural surroundings,… Read more »

Rainforest ‘n Swells: Exploring Canada’s Surftown

Lonely Planet has named Canada its number one destination for 2017. If you’re planning a trip, we at Huck would like recommend a little gem that we predict will be the country’s next ‘it’ spot. When people think of Canada, they almost never think of surfing. Unless they’re in the know about  Tofino, that is. Tofino on… Read more »

Changing the face of fencing

As the Olympic cauldron burned in Stratford, East London, in 2012, it lit up the competitive spirit in two East End friends. Now, Rajan Rai and Jai Birch are dodging, parrying and attacking their way towards competing in the 2020 Games. The pair have gone from kids slashing Zs after watching The Legend of Zorro… Read more »