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The movie geek who dreamed his way into making films

The best screenwriters are those who know what makes a movie tick, not those who have a way with flowery prose and quirky cultural references. Eskil Vogt is a screenwriter and, more recently, director who has taken it upon himself to create deeply human dramas that pick apart the artifice of movies. His collaborations with… Read more »

Under the skin of Britain’s facial tattoo community

It’s hard to hide a facial tattoo. Perhaps that’s why they still provoke fears and prejudices, even as tattooing in general becomes more and more mainstream. Mark Leaver’s photographic study shines light onto an obscure corner of the tattooing world, and dispels many of the myths that surround it. He took time to discover the… Read more »

Mapping the squats, strip clubs and bars that launched punk

To mark the 40th anniversary of punk, writer and cultural historian Paul Gorman has a created a guide that traces the squats, clubs and rehearsal spaces from which the phenomenon emerged. Featuring rare photos and drawing from in-depth research, Punk London is a map that pieces together the stories behind the music in a new way… Read more »

Bloody Chunks: Vietnam’s underground metal scene

As soon as photographer Neil Massy moved to Vietnam, he wanted to cut through its veneer: a vibrant country with a young population still defined by war. There was something about the culture, the people and their attitude to life that he and his wife connected with – so much so that after three visits,… Read more »

Getting off the grid in Argentina

Last year, photographer Alice Zoo left London feeling disillusioned. There were anxieties about jobs, rent and money – “the usual stuff” – so she decided to move to Argentina in search of a different lifestyle. “I wanted to spend some time on a farm to take myself out of my head a little, work with… Read more »

The best dance scenes in alternative cinema

Celia Rowlson-Hall is one of the most refreshing voices in filmed choreography. Over the past six years, she has written and directed over 50 short films and videos while working with a diverse array of talent, from Gaspar Noé and Lena Dunham to MGMT and Chromeo. The dancer moved to New York in 2006, having… Read more »

Transitioning gender in prison: finding the ‘real me’ in a high-risk environment

I met Lauren at a party in remote north Wales. You couldn’t miss her: dressed in a bright pink frock and holding court at the dinner table. We were guests of an older transgender couple, Jenny Anne and Elen, at their annual summer gathering for the LGBT community across Wales and the north-west. Lauren’s relationship… Read more »

Video: A culture-shocked tour of Japan by skateboard

Anonymous Zone is a short film that takes four skaters and places them in entirely unfamiliar territory: the streets of three Japanese cities. Directed by Kai Neville, it’s a cleverly shot vignette that’s light on dialogue (“How do you say, ‘Real shit’?”) but packed with immersive sequences: bemused bystanders, irritated security guards and sweeping cityscapes. Check out… Read more »

Unearthing sounds from electronica’s dark underground: an interview with christ.

There’s something enticing about an artist who lets you into their past. Whenever unreleased tracks, scrapped ideas and long-forgotten demos seep out, they tend to offer tangible glimpses of creative processes and career junctures. Sometimes they’re just filler: bonus material tacked onto re-releases, their novelty fading after the first listen. But sometimes opening the archives… Read more »

In pictures: Road-tripping through the Australian wilderness

On a recent trip along Australia’s Gold Coast, winding through long stretches of desert highways, photographer Matt Moran found himself drawn to the spectral towns that most people simply bypass. Overawed by the sheer scale of the Australian landscape, he immediately recognised the photographic potential of its backroads and in-between spaces. “I think after living in… Read more »

Video: St. Vincent designs female-friendly guitar

St. Vincent has a designed a guitar – from scratch – that better suits women’s bodies. In March, the Grammy Award-winning musician (otherwise known as Annie Clark) releases a signature guitar in collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man. Clarke drew inspiration from the aesthetic of German synthpop artist Klause Nomi, Italian design and architecture collective… Read more »