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The photographer shooting the fervour of religious ceremony

“There’s something to be said about putting yourself out into the world and waiting to see what comes back. You get to witness sunsets, incredible colours and go through life-altering experiences. My advice to burgeoning photographers is, you’ve just got to do it,” encourages travel and documentary photographer Jordan Banks – whose vibrant portraiture intimately… Read more »

The photographer capturing resilience over lockdown

Fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten is fabled for her still life compositions. The German-born and now British-based photographer constructs surrealist scenes by negotiating elaborate sets and using props, costumes and models to create stories. Her photographs, which bear an almost theatrical quality, typically evoke European folklore. Increasingly, however, she has grounded her art within more… Read more »

A poignant vignette of West Coast living

Looking Sideways Vol. 1, Owen Tozer and Matt Barr’s first book, explores the myths and realities of Californian board sports culture from an outsider’s perspective. Traversing North America’s Golden State, speaking to friends and strangers, they paint a vivid picture of the wider impact that surfing has had on wider culture. Below is an exclusive… Read more »

Liverpool is taking a stand against anti-LGBTQ+ attacks

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon (June 22), an energetic crowd of hundreds of protestors – many carrying placards and waving rainbow flags – flooded into Liverpool City Centre. The demonstration was intended as a show of defiance following a series of violent attacks targeting LGBTQ+ people in the city centre. Among those who showed up… Read more »