Huck Issue 77

Huck 77 is here. Join us on a trip around the world. We sit down with Mitski in London. Ride waves in Sierra Leone. Meet the free-runners of Gaza. Follow the underground resistance in Kyiv. Chart the dissolution of a small mining town in Pennsylvania, USA. There are conversations with the writer Tice Cin and… Read more »

Huck Issue 76

2021 belonged to Ghetts. Almost two decades into his career, the 37-year-old enjoyed his biggest year yet. The catalyst, of course, was Conflict Of Interest: a sprawling, 16-track odyssey of a major label debut, which finally saw the London MC receiving the kind of critical and commercial attention his blistering output has long warranted. The… Read more »

Huck Issue 75

After 15 years of paddling against the flow, Huck has landed at Issue 75.  In celebration of that milestone, we’re embarking on a brand new chapter of the magazine. We’ve invited a trilogy of cover stars to help us do that: three young, British upstarts, operating in entrenched cultural spheres and pushing them in bold… Read more »

Huck 74: The Action Issue

‘Action’ has always been at the heart of Huck. In the early days, the mid-noughties, that relationship was perhaps more literal. The magazine was born out of surf and skate culture: our first eight cover stars, for instance, came directly from those worlds. While, back then, Huck involved itself with all manner of topics, the… Read more »

Huck 73: The Sanctuary Issue

So. Where to start?  Let’s try the beginning. Back in February (which, by now, feels like more than a few lifetimes ago), we started work on the latest instalment of Huck. The one you’re reading now.  The working title of the issue was Sanctuary. Over the course of its 100 pages, we collected stories of… Read more »

Huck 72: The Documentary Photography Issue VII

It feels as if our relationship with the idea of home is changing.  Across the world, nationalism finds itself dancing freely with far-right politics, while political divisions have chopped families right down the middle, transforming previously tight-knit units into warring factions.  At the same time, conflict and a climate emergency have seen millions of people… Read more »

Huck 71: The Utopia Issue

With the world increasingly looking like it’s falling apart, optimism can sometimes feel hard to come by. After all, in the face of global division, chaos, inequality and a climate emergency, utopia has rarely looked further away.  But this kind of thinking plays right into the hands of the forces upholding such conditions. In response, our… Read more »

Huck 70: The Burnout Issue

This issue is all about celebrating strength in the face of adversity – sharing stories of defiance in a world falling apart.

Huck 69: The Hedonism Issue

This issue is a celebration of pleasure-seeking at its purest: the lessons learned when ‘excess’ and ‘extreme’ become a way of life.

Huck 68: The Flying Lotus Issue

Step into the world of Flying Lotus with our special guest-edited issue: a curated takeover featuring David Lynch, Tierra Whack, Beastie Boys, Hiro Murai and more.

Huck 67 – The Documentary Photo Special VI

“Photography is sold as a vehicle for truth,” writes photographer Daniella Zalcman, in the lead essay for Huck’s sixth annual Documentary Photography Special. “It is meant to be a mirror, an indisputable depiction of whatever the camera captures. But the reality is that there’s a galaxy of decisions that any photographer can make in the… Read more »

Huck 66 – The Attitude Issue

Attitude is the fastest route to self-empowerment. It’s the force that shapes our reality, the fuel that drives our dreams, the border line that maps our future. It’s not something that can be bought; you can’t learn it overnight. But once you’ve found the right mindset, no one else can ever take it away. Join… Read more »