The world knows him as a fearless superhero who rides mountains of water. But, as Huck finds out, there’s more to Laird Hamilton than massive waves and daring surf antics. In an exclusive interview, the legendary waterman tells opens up about his estranged father, his distrust of people, his love for red wine and Jimi Hendrix, and his boundless commitment to pursue what he calls his ‘art’.


Perry Farrell
Is ready to save the planet.

Anthony Claravall
Around the world on just one button with the legendary skate photographer.

Global warrior, global album.

Township Surfing
Along the South African coastline, Miles Masterson discovers a less than privileged surf community.

Beautiful filth, shot by Spencer Murphy.

The Movie Men
Snowboard film production, laid bare.

Ed Templeton
Artist, skater, white trash kid.

As well as…

Ron Allen
Natasza Zurek
Royden Bryson
Craig Kelly
Nicky Guerrero
Taj Burrow
Acapulco Gold
San Sebastian Surfilm Festibal
George Greenough

And much more.