In Huck 07, we head to Canada to sip tea and talk peak oil crisis with big-mountain charger Victoria Jealouse, who’s spent the past sixteen years storming around Alaska, snatching video edits and kudos alongside the most fearless chargers in the game.


Torah Bright
The rising snowboard star dismisses sex appeal as a career crutch and proves it all boils down to going big under pressure.

Maya Gabeira
Brazil’s big-wave charger reveals how her dad, who led the armed struggle against the country’s military rule, became an inspiration for her to ride gigantic waves.

Carissa Moore
The fifteen-year-old Hawaiin super-surf-grom on what it’s like to compete in the water in boys-only comps – and win.

Frank Black
The original Pixie speaks out.

Joachim Trier
Skate, filmmaker, dreamer.

Martha Cooper
Legendary street photographer on NYC’s creative decay, and the story behind how she captured graffiti’s birth.

As well as…

Evelien Bouilliart
Lesley McKenna
Kelsey Brookes
Danny Way

And much more…