In the entertainment business, Mos Def is known as a triple threat: he can act (Monster’s Ball, The Italian Job, Be Kind Rewind), he can rap (Grammy winner, five albums) and, most of all, he ain’t taking any shit – especially from some suit who seeks to sell out his persona to peddle flavoured water. His principles are firm, and it’s those exact ideals that intrigue and inspire many – and frighten a few. This is Mos Def, in his own words.

Himalayan Boom
Snow means business in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

O’Neill Coldwater Classic
The geology of surfing. By Michael Fordham.

Donostia Dreamin’
Local girls, global style.

Street Food
Recipes for roadkill, with Arthur Boyt.

Silver Surfers
Catching waves in the twilight years.

Cheryl Maas
Quietly forging her own snowboarding path.

Sunny Side Up
Cardboard cut-outs of stylish specs.

Crimson Tide
Miles Masterson debunks the Killer Shark! myth.

A ukulele sing-a-long? Jolly good stuff!

As well as…

Shark Attack!
Bryan Iguchi Mike Blabac
Mike Blabac
Ryan Sheckler
Kevin Olsen
James Dodd
Coldwater Cape Town
Norman Ollestad
Emma Critchley
Tim Shaw
The Yes Men

And much more…