Skater. Autodidact. Maverick filmmaker. Spike Jonze is many things to many people. This issue is a glimpse into the world of a gifted director, the people he shares it with and the wild landscape that surrounds them.

The Tribute
Mark Lewman on Spike Jonze.

Geoff McFetridge
Talking plain and simple sense.

Cool Hollywood
Hipster filmmakers from the class of ‘99.

Ty Evans
Picking up the skate flick gauntlet.

Dave Eggers
Let us flick through his Wild Things book.

Listen All Y’All!
Why Sabotage and other Spike videos totally rock.

Art Of The Gonz
A montage of mayhem from skateboarding genius Mark Gonzales.

The Dead Weather
Rock stars return to DIY.

Spike Jonze: The Q&A
Um… Er… Spike speaks!

Canadian Cold
Frozen faces from the O’Neill Cold Water Classic in Tofino, BC.

Big Waves, Big Lungs
Or the importance of holding your breath.

Go Gigi Go!
Snowboarding maestro Gigi Rüf is positively charged.

Surfing Metaphors
Is the language of wave-riding inherently violent?

Hanging With The Wilmots
Jamie Brisick visits Jamaica’s first family of surf.

Industry Folk
Dream jobs not day jobs.

As well as…

The Wild World of Spike Jonze
Šarka Pančochova
Finisterre Sheep
Rio Breaks
Henry Rollins
Cold Water Santa Cruz
Harmony Korine
Dave Pickford
Polski Snow Kings
Jenna Selby
The Winter Olympics
Brazilian Cinema Kids

And much more…