Twenty years ago Deftones were just a bunch of friends – some skater kids from Sacramento who came together to create sound. Today they are a global rock force that continues to blast through boundaries imposed by genre tags. But the two decades that led them here were anything but smooth, bringing tension, tragedy and the vices of success. Now, at the dawn of a new album, Deftones are standing tall. Heads up, they’re walking out and refusing to turn back.


The Union Express
Trains, no planes, plenty of waves.

Shad Lambert
Pro behind a lens.

The Other South Africa
A side of the Rainbow Nation football tourists fail to see.

Sieben’s Things
A dude called Michael and the stuff he digs.

Punk ‘n’ Roll
Riot grrrls on roller skates.

Coldwater Brief
Five photographers, five unique styles, one year-long mission to document the O’Neill Coldwater Classic.

Thrash History 101
Erudite reasons why thrash will never die.

Plastic Planet
Marine pollution can no longer be ignored.

Tangible Portraits
An ode to Polaroid film.


The Deftones Zeitgeist
Band of Horses
World Wide Winners
River Refugees
Jerry Hsu
Bad Brains
180º South

And more…