In Huck 22, we hail the feather-ruffler. Without them our world would be a dull and boring place, ruled by people high on power simply doing as they please. You see, history does not happen when we all think the same way. It happens when we don’t. This issue is a tribute to people who dared to see things differently.

From WWII to World Wide Web
A Gonzo account of our countercultural past.

The Rebel Within
Infiltrate the system! Then turn it on itself.

Tom Burt and Tom Hsieh
The history of snowboarding is more political than you think.

Radical Bikes
How pedal power has made our world a better place.

One Man’s Trash
Scavengers go dumpster diving for the greater good.

Renegades Are Us
Is there such a thing as a rebellious purchase?

The Democracy Village
Protest comes knocking on Parliament’s front door.

Don Letts
Reggae and punk collided in his head.

O’Neill Cold Water Classic: Part Two
The second leg of our creative brief kicks off on Scotland’s icy shores.

Eighty-eight acres of anarchy.

Turned on, tuned in, played out
Where have all the surfing rebels gone?

Dissent in the country
Getting cosy with Crass at their rural abode, the birthplace of anarcho-punk.

Japan Surf
Chris Nelson ventures to Hokkaido, where early surfers were criminalised for trying to paddle in.

Monster Rides
Freaky bikes, just because.

DIY Surfing
A revolution built on common sense.

Gino Iannucci
Skateboarding’s most revered pro refuses to conform to non-conformist ideals.

Howard Marks
Everyone’s favourite drug-smuggler is back.

José Saramago
Remembering the literary great.

Desolation Peak
In the clarity of isolation, Jack Kerouac saw the world in an alternative light.


Lizard King, William S. Burroughs, Kathleen Hanna, Noam Chomsky, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Assange, Timothy Leary

And more…