Is Kelly Slater surfing’s otherworldly Shaman or simply a kid from Cocoa Beach made good? As the circus descends on Hossegor and the World Tour gathers pace, all eyes are fixed on the demigod that could be crowned Champion for an unprecedented tenth time. Michael Fordham, meanwhile, just wants to get to know the man.


Bustin’ Out
New York City’s longboarders charge around en masse.

The Snow Collector
David Benedek challenges snowboarding’s status quo.

Urban Steed
Hardcourt bike polo is not a blue-blooded sport.

Things I Have To Stay
Sweden’s fallen skateboarder Ali Boulala speaks out.

Man Versus Mob
Teams thrash it out at the Vans Downtown Showdown.

Positive Force
Torah Bright takes women’s snowboarding to new heights.

Cold Water Brief: #03
Dramatic shots of frigid South African waters.

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