John Cardiel has lived his life at full-throttle speed. The aggressive energy he brought to skateboarding made him a hero amongst men, and the ideal pioneer for fixed-gear bike fiends. Some said he was indomitable. Then history proved them right, when his story was tainted by a tragedy that would knock a lesser man to the ground. John, however, refused to stay down.


Tommy Guerrero
The Bones Brigadier is back in the groove.

Cold Water Brief: #05
The final chapter unfolds in Santa Cruz.

Skate Punk Anthropology
An academic odyssey to the origins of a scene.

Taro Tamai
Japan’s snowsurfing pioneer breaks out and charges free.

Roll, Shoot, Score
Basketball. On wheels.

A New Revolution
A guide to activism in a changing world.

Nicola Thost
The first Olympic champ inspires kids to make it on their own.

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