McSweeney’s founder Dave Eggers on the importance of sharing stories and doing good along the way.

Judd Apatow and Miranda July in conversation! Talking bad therapy, weird dreams and David Beckham’s abs.

Bold New Voices – a showcase of rad writers, curated by Dave Eggers.

Indie Publishers – defenders of print!

Bicycle fiend Grant Petersen on why racing culture sucks.

Sub Pop’s Pissed Jeans – the coolest dads in town.

Transgender surfer Westerly Windina on what makes her, her.

And presenting…

The Working Artisan’s Club – a new project from HUCK and O’Neill celebrating six talented folk who make stuff by hand, starting with Satta Skates and Neon Wetsuits.

Stay tuned for a series of book-inspired events at 71a, home of HUCK.

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