Huck 45, specially guest-edited by artist, photographer, skateboarder and chronicler of Southern California Ed Templeton, is a colourful cruise through the Tempster’s motley crew of creative friends, spawned from skateboarding and surfing cultures.

As well as an epic interview with Ed – in which skateboarding’s favourite expressionist reflects on his Huntington Beach history, artistic inspirations and the community of likeminded DIYers he surrounds himself with – The Ed Templeton Issue also features in-depth interviews and beautiful photoshoots with Ed’s countercultural coterie:

Lee Kaplan’s treasure trove of carefully curated art books – Arcana Books – is preserving printed matter in strip-mall LA.

Curator and gallerist Joseph Allen Shea is bringing Aussie openness to the Parisian art scene.

To flick through photographer Deanna Templeton‘s archives is to see femininity flash past in its many varied forms, ebbing and flowing through Huntington Beach, California.

Photographer of the demonised Dennis McGrath is weaving a thread between skateboarding and porn.

Philly artist Dan Murphy celebrates the fringe of American culture through experimental media project Megawords.

Documentary photographer Tobin Yelland embeds himself in underground subcultures to get a sixth sense about his subjects.

Fine artist Ashley Macomber is rendering the details of what it means to be a woman in a world of extremes.

Artist, comedian, actor, skater. Only Los Angeles could have spat out someone like Kevin Christy.

Street photographer Daniel Arnold channels daily moments of curious New York life into square little social media updates.

California’s quirks are a constant muse for The Deadbeat Club, a zine-making, analogue-snapping, tight-knit street photography crew.

From a dark den in the Mission District photographer Ray Potes is capturing life in stark black and white.

Una Kim channels the principles of punk into a company Keep Shoes that helps her navigate life.

How did skate filmmaker Kevin Barnett become the visual voice of Ed Templeton’s Toy Machine?

Highland Park’s Ashley Thayer is patiently reconnecting LA to its artisanal roots.

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