Was the Beat Generation really as radical as it portrayed itself? And are Kerouac and co. still relevant in today’s hyper-networked world? In an attempt to pick apart the Beat myth, Huck #35 features debates, essays, interviews and photo stories that use the book as a jump-off point to explore new thoughts and ideas.

The issue kicks off with an experimental piece of Gonzo journalism – a stream-of-consciousness-style debate that rolls out of the mag on a long scroll and is inspired by the fluid manner in which Kerouac composed his masterpiece. Elsewhere this issue: we explore the Beat legacy through a trio of personal essays housed within a special gatefold that takes its design cues from the look and feel of literary journals; a new generation of poets share their witty words in handwritten form; and stories of freight-hopping around America spring to life as a typewritten scroll that runs sideways through the mag, complete with hand-drawn illustrations.

What’s more, the back section of HUCK #35 is dedicated to the female skaters and photographers featured in our Anywhere Road exhibition, which ran over four days at the end of October 2012 at 71A.

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