Bonus photo special from when HUCK met skate's most recognisable star.

Bonus photo special from when HUCK travelled to West Chester, Pennsylvania, to get up-close and personal with Bam Margera, skating’s most recognisable star.

We caught up with Bam Margera for the cover of Huck 008 and ended up walking away with more than we could handle. Bam and Ville Valo, the leader singer of Him, have something of a unique relationship – special, one might say. Lucky for us that bond was in full swing the day Huck rocked up for the photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont, in Los Angeles.

“From the moment we arrived they were clearly in the middle of a major bromance,” says photographer Nate Bressler. “Now, I’ve got Scandinavian buds so I know all about their drunken grab-ass. These guys, though, were a little more into it – lots of hugging and caressing. No doubt the fifty beers and someone egging you on helps in getting to that stage. But Bam’s a passionate guy, he goes 150 per cent all the time, so it’s no surprise that Ville got all his man love.”

These are the outtakes from that storied shoot.