Behind-the-scenes shots from the recent RVCA skate tour.

Behind-the-scenes shots from the recent RVCA skate tour.

RVCA photographer Andrea Dosouto recently accompanied the RVCA skate team on a little UK tour. Here’s what went down.

Who’s on the trip?
Kevin Spanky Long, Charles Collet, Julian Davidson, Jeremy Leabres, Octavio Barrera, Josh Harmony, Didrik Galasso and Barney Page. Also Remy Taveira just for a couple days.

What spots did you go to?
We went to a couple skateparks including South Bank, Meanwhile, the one with the Gonz gap and a lot of other street spots around London, can’t remember the names. Jacob Harris showed us around. Then we visited Nottingham, Bristol and Kingston, just for a day each.

Best moment?
Any time the police turned up and instead of kicking us out were hyped on what the boys were doing and tried to give us more time.

Worst moment?
One of those double-decker London buses smashed Didrik’s board, wheels and trucks got fucked too, while warming up at the ledges close to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Worst thing was it happened again with Jeremy when we went to Nottingham, and you know how annoyed skaters get when they have to change the set-up they’ve being using for a while.

Jeremy was carrying around a speaker the whole time hanging from a shoelace, so he was in charge of the tunes, from Black Sabbath to Alan Coe.

Any memorable quotes?
My favourite was in a Spanish accent from Octavio’s mouth: “Papi is on fire!!” Haha.