In Giant Steps – a new Huck show produced for Outside TV – Jamie Brisick sits down with Trace and Chad Marshall to find out what makes them tick.

In Giant Steps – a new Huck show produced for Outside TV – pro-surfer, journalist, filmmaker and longtime Huck collaborator Jamie Brisick finds out what makes surf siblings Trace and Chad Marshall tick.

When Trace and Chad Marshall broke into the Malibu surf scene, they brought with them a unwavering dedication to not taking things too seriously.

Two decades later, that mantra is yet to depart. Today, the sibling duo behind The Brothers Marshall label are revered for their commitment to gleeful provocation. It makes them the perfect subjects for the first episode of Giant Steps, an original Huck TV show that seeks to demonstrate how our relationship with the outdoors can change and influence culture.

Produced for US network Outside TV and hosted by pro-surfer, journalist, filmmaker and Huck Contributing Editor Jamie Brisick, the launch episode follows Trace and Chad as they recall a life spent ruffling feathers.

“I’ve known the Marshall family for about a decade now,” Brisick explains. “There’s a lot of love pulsing through them. That love lets them feel very much at home in the world, and in turn, very comfortable in their skin.

“I don’t know if there’s anything specific that inspires them to go against the current other than a finely-tuned bullshit detector and the creative impulse to satirise. They follow their own inner current, which just so happens to go against the general surf world current.”

In Giant Steps, the pair muse on all manner of subjects: from initial influences and fighting as kids, to making their mark and building an empire. What’s evident throughout is that, despite the journey, they’ve never abandoned their values. And they never will.

“The Brothers Marshall brought a sense of fun, levity, and piss-taking to the surf world at a time when it was veering toward the jockish. Consciously or unconsciously, they were channeling the Ghosts of Malibu Past – Dora, Tubesteak, Moondoggie, et al.

“They serve as a wonderful reminder to not try too hard, maybe even don’t try at all…”

Catch Giant Steps on Outside TV on 3 August, 2018. 

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