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We celebrate and explore independent culture; people and movements that paddle against the flow. We publish news, profiles, interviews, reportage, opinion pieces and photo essays across digital and print. We also commission original documentaries and films.

How do I pitch a story?

Get acquainted with Huck
We’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring stories – from grassroots activism to emerging subculture. Huck is very much a broad church, but make sure you get a feel for what we do before pitching. Spend some time on the website; go through an issue of the magazine.

Keep it short and sweet
Zero in on your angle, be concise – your pitch should be around 2-4 paragraphs. Keep in mind: who or what you would like to cover; why readers will care about your piece now; how you will go about gaining access to the individuals in your story; when you can deliver the piece; what makes you right to take it on.

Think about format
The best way to avoid your email getting lost is to format your subject line as follows: PITCH: [insert concise suggested headline]. You should also hyperlink to any relevant stats or news stories you might be referring to in your pitch. Remember: please don’t send completed stories. If a version of your piece has been published elsewhere, state that clearly, and tell us how you would make a new story unique to us.

Pitch stories, not ideas
A story typically has some level of news value, it is grounded in people, anecdotes, data, analysis, expert voices. It also has a defined structure. Put simply: an idea is abstract, and a story is concrete. Read this useful explainer here.

What kinds of stories is Huck looking for?

Features: We believe in journalism from the bottom up, so access to authentic voices is a must. We want reflective pieces, with original reporting, that comment on current social and political landscapes, through an alternative lens – think subculture, photography, grassroots activism.

Profiles: Seek out interesting characters shaping independent culture today: artists, filmmakers, photographers, skaters, surfers, activists. Why should we cover them now? What are they doing that sets them apart from the crowd?

Opinion: We’re looking for strong perspectives pegged to current news, delivered concisely. We don’t want to publish an opinion that’s already plastered over social media. Carve out a unique and intelligent take, and think about what makes you the correct voice to take it on.

Photo essays: Visual storytelling that shines a light on social injustice and champions creative counterculture. We’re especially interested in underground scenes. Please consider accompanying text and include information about what access you have to the subjects, so that we can commission original journalism to accompany your images.

Huck Editorial Series:

At What Cost: In-depth coverage of the cost of living crisis, visiting places across the UK to understand the unique challenges faced by the people most at risk, and highlighting some of those fighting back.

Spaces Between the Beats: Our new series spotlights music and cultural communities around the world, exploring their stories as they build resilience and find hope in connection. We’re looking for scenes that transcend art and music, at the heart of cultural and political battles playing out in their contexts. For example, Uzbek artists challenging censorship, Kyiv’s queer techno scene or underground cyphers in Kashmir. We’re looking for on-the-ground reporting from writers and journalists connected with the scenes they’re chronicling.

The Outsiders Project: The outdoors is for everyone. Yet outdoor culture and access to rural landscapes continues to remain elusive to many people from marginalised communities. We want inspiring stories that celebrate people promoting inclusion and diversity within the culture and community of the Outdoors.


Who should I email?

Send your pitch to the relevant person below.


Josh Jones
(Features, profiles, photo essays, narrative non-fiction)


Digital Editor
Ben Smoke
(News stories, features, profiles, opinion, photo essays)

Contributing Editor
Isaac Muk
(Newsletters, membership, features, profiles, photo essays)

Huck Docs, branded and special projects:

Senior Editor
Alex King

(Film/documentary pitches, brand partnerships and other projects)

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