L.A. rapper Gavlyn shares her favourite hip hoppers past and present from the city of Angels.

Twenty -three ­year ­old emcee Gavlyn – born Audrey May – is a central figure of LA ­based crew Organized Threat. At twenty ­four members, it’s a monster of a collective. “We’re just a big group of artists who see eye ­to ­eye on a lot of things,” she says. “With big groups you have more support, and you have more people you can talk to about your shit.”

In HUCK 42, we invited the boom­bap lover to share the music she can’t currently live without.

Suga Free
We hadn’t heard this man’s name mentioned in years, so Gav gets instant brownie points for the namecheck. The Pomona­ California rapper inspired Gavlyn’s own Too Cold To Trust. Joining forces with Katt Williams in this pimp­tastic video for Thinking, Suga Free rocks reminds us why he’s the authority on the ghetto perm.

DJ Quik
A Los Angeles don, and one of the best deejays in hip­hop. “He’s one of my favourite West Coast artists,” says Gavlyn. “I love his music and what he raps about.” In this video for Safe + Sound DJ Quik drops a timeless West Coast flow. “Some believe in Jesus, some believe in Allah, But riders like Me, Only believe in dollar.” Can’t argue with those rhymes!

A$AP Ferg
The A$AP Mob are known for bizarre fashion choices and even more bizarre hip­hop. “I’m addicted to the new Trap Lord album,” says Gav. There are grills, gold chains, fly girls and liquor everywhere you look in this awesome video for Shabba.

Bone Thugs n Harmony
This troubled Cleveland­, Ohio group, which seems to shed members like dandruff, boasts rappers with names like Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Flesh­n­Bone. What’s not to like? In The Weed Song Bone Thugs n Harmony express their appreciation for the finest chronic.

Nipsey Hussle
The Crenshaw rapper recently released a mixtape that retailed for $100 a pop. He’s nothing if not ambitious, and has become a standard­bearer for LA rap. If there was ever any doubt that Nipsey Hussle was realer than real, this video for Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story) opens with a full five minutes of local people confirming that “he 100% hood.”

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