Snapshots of East Coast skateboarding for your viewing pleasure.

Snapshots of East Coast skateboarding for your viewing pleasure.

Here, in all their glory are a selection of videos from NYC’s best skate directors.

Zoo York – Mixtape

For the skateboarding world, it was the likes of RB Umali, the long-time Zoo York filmmaker, who began to set the precedent for the city’s skate flicks. The release of Mixtape, circa 1997/’98, is perhaps the strongest example. Drenched in dank ’90s hip-hop, and spliced with footage of myriad rappers freestyling, the forty-minute film showcased some of the city’s finest (and now most revered) skateboarders tearing the streets apart. The vibe seemed organic and the lines improvised, and by Umali’s own admission, that was essentially the case.

Colin Read – 561 to NYC

“I like films and skating that question the usual way things are done,” says Colin. “[I like] skating that is surprising. I think every part of a film should be surprising in some way, whether it’s the skating itself or the way the film is put together. The flow of a film is also very important to me; how the sections change and progress from one to another. The journey. I hate it when a video is just part-part-part-part. I want my films to tell a story with skateboarding, so to speak.” Here we have the intro to Colin’s 561 to NYC but you also need to see The Mandible Claw Video and Tengu.

Josh Stewart – Static IV

Josh Stewart, originally from Florida, also believes that despite the archetypal New York look and feel, it’s important for filmmakers to put their own spin on their work. “I’ve seen a ton of brands come to NY to shoot videos here and use the city as the backdrop of their films,” he says. “And when I watch most of these projects I see the same cliché portrayal of the city with the same cliché portrayal of skating in its streets. Personally, it leaves me with a burning desire to present the city in a new way and to highlight what I think are the aspects of NYC that make it the raddest city in the world.” Below, we’ve got the teaser to Josh’s Static IV but make sure you check out the rest of the Static series.

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