Highlights from Russell Brand’s Youtube crusade for “true news”.

Highlights from Russell Brand’s Youtube crusade for “true news”.

Through his Trews Youtube channelRussell Brand exposes the lying and hypocrisy of the mainstream media for his nearly 1.2 million subscribers.

Brand’s strong following and a sense that he’s a spokesperson for young, apathetic Britain has turned him into a notable force on the political landscape – so much so that former Labour leader Ed Miliband dropped in for a Q&A days before the UK election.

The comedian turned activist has always been a lightning rod for controversy, and while his hilarious attacks on Fox news have clocked up millions of views, many of his more off-the-wall moments – like his call to come out and hug the police – haven’t gone down so well…

Here are some highs and lows from Brand’s “true news” crusade.

Russell vs Fox News

Who’s F*cking Us Over – HSBC Or Immigrants?

Love the police

God, the meaning of life and Stephen Fry

Fox News’ reaction to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

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