This original Huck film kicks off Here & Now, an editorial partnership with Levi’s Performance Denim, exploring how creative men are challenging outdated expectations of performance, status and identity.

Here & Now: In Partnership with Levi's Performance Denim

We all have different ways of seeing ourselves in relation to the world. But when it comes to the things that define us – our image, our story, our performance – people are quick to reduce that individuality to a simplified label. The result? A series of outdated expectations that shackle self-exploration. Yet today, the very idea of what it means to be creative and to perform is shifting towards a new frontier of possibility.

This original Huck film kicks off a season of stories in which we explore how men are challenging those old assumptions, following them as they pursue a new path unburdened by inherited values.

There’s London-based photographer Owen Harvey, who spent years shooting projects without recognising his core subject – until a fellow photographer pointed out that his images all centred on how men represent themselves.

Elsewhere, Tofel Santana remembers how arriving in Germany as an 11-year-old from his native Dominica led to a crisis of identity. It was only through music and performance, Tofel explains, that he learned to discover who he really is.

Meanwhile, Kiril Grigorev – born and raised in a back-of-nowhere town northwest of Moscow – has been pushing aesthetic boundaries from the moment he began using his work as a tool for self-discovery.

“Life should be burning everywhere. When you see the fire in someone…you want to support it and share it…”
Kirill Grigorev, Artist, Moscow

“It’s a gift to be able to express yourself through performance. There’s many ways of being me…”
- Tofel Santana, Recording Artist, Munich

Photography is not just about saying something, it’s about exploring. The people I photograph are a mirror of myself…”
- Owen Harvey, Photographer, London

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This version of masculinity holds a clear promise: If you’re committed to your own way of seeing the world, there’s every chance of transcending archaic parameters, freeing you to redefine what it means to perform on your own terms. This is a snapshot of a generation doing just that.

Here & Now is an editorial partnership between Huck and Levi’s Performance Denim collection, which is available now.