Can skateboarding reshape the world? 

This Is Off The Wall is an editorial partnership between Vans and Huck that celebrates creative trailblazers from across the worlds of art, skateboarding, music and photography. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing their stories through four special seasons Reclaim The Space, Vision Walks, Change The Game and Built By Hand. Each one will platform the voices and movements shaking up the status quo – from DIY culture and street photography to gender and diversity.

The first season, Reclaim The Space, examines the effects skateboarding can have on a wider community. Through documentary films and original reportage, we’ll explore how the culture can bring people together, creating a ripple of social change that stretches beyond its own boundaries. Can skateboarding really reshape the world? And what can it teach us about our rights to public space? Join us as we start to explore.