How do the world’s great visionaries really see the world around them?

This Is Off The Wall is an editorial partnership between Vans and Huck that celebrates creative trailblazers from across the worlds of art, skateboarding, music and photography.

In our latest season, Vision Walks, we step behind the lenses of the most exciting and distinctive photographers working today. The project will see us platform the work of four artists from across fashion, skate and photojournalism, asking each to share their vision of contemporary urban life.

The open, overarching theme is “Rule-breaking and Rebellion in the City.” Each participating photographer will use their camera to capture and celebrate the non-conforming world around them – whether that’s through street photography, portraiture or more conceptual visual work.

As gentrification threatens to take over our urban spaces, what are the things – the people and places – keeping them unusual? Who are the non-conformers keeping things original?