Jamie Brisick

The future through Kelly Slater’s eyes

The future through Kelly Slater’s eyes

Retro-futurist — Kelly Slater’s ethical apparel brand Outerknown just launched its new website featuring an interview with Huck’s global editor Jamie Brisick. Eleven-times ASP World Tour Champion Kelly Slater needs no introduction. Jamie is a former pro surfer, writer and Fulbright scholar currently working on his documentary Becoming Westerly, about surf champ Peter Drouyn’s transformation into Westerly Windina. Here’s a chemistry-fuelled conversation between the pair - and the cover story of Huck's baby-faced second issue - from way back in 2006. Brisick caught Slater in a reflective mood, thinking about the future and bemoaning his lack of fitness before the start of the ASP World Tour - which he went on to win by over 1,000 points.

Written by: Jamie Brisick

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