ScHoolboy Q doesn’t care what you think

ScHoolboy Q is wandering around a luxurious penthouse suite, a lit joint in his hand. The mellow air to proceedings suggests it’s probably not his first smoke of the afternoon. This is rarely a good sign for an interview, especially when your slot has been cut in half at the last minute. But as a… Read more »

Huck 67: An all-woman documentary photo special

“Photography is sold as a vehicle for truth,” writes photographer Daniella Zalcman, in the lead essay for Huck’s sixth annual Documentary Photography Special. “It is meant to be a mirror, an indisputable depiction of whatever the camera captures. But the reality is that there’s a galaxy of decisions that any photographer can make in the… Read more »

Huck 64: The Journeys Issue

Life is a journey you have to navigate by yourself. There is no map, just interconnected perspectives, and where you end up matters less than the route you choose to take. So join us as we uncover stories of incredible characters – from unsung heroes to legends of the future – leaving their mark on the… Read more »

Huck 63: The Fantasy Issue

Where would we be without sky-high dreams and transcendental desires? What’s the point in a ‘reality check’ when the real world just keeps on letting us down, feeding us fake news and false hopes and suffocating our ambitions? In this issue, we’re reclaiming fantasy from the clutches of disbelievers and elevating it to a place… Read more »

The Documentary Photo Special V: Rule-Breakers

Documentary photography, like so many things we hold dear, is facing an existential crisis. As the editorial model continues to collapse, suddenly everything is up for grabs. Opportunities abound, if you know where to look – and are ready to take a few risks. This issue is dedicated to storytellers who have done just that…. Read more »

Life on the road with America’s drifters and dreamers

Chris Urquhart is trying to sleep on the floor of a creaking attic with a six-foot alligator beside her. The shape of old halloween decorations can be made out in the dark while, from below, voices drift up from elsewhere in the squat. One bemoans the used condoms all over her bedroom floor, another rasps… Read more »

Huck 61: The No Regrets Issue

This issue started out as a failure – a collection of failures, to be precise. We wanted to talk to people about the greatest mistakes they’ve ever made, the true disasters hidden in their past. But conversations about cock-ups only get interesting when you ask about what happened next. No Regrets isn’t just about living… Read more »

Huck 60 – The Outsider Issue

At one point or another, we are all outsiders. Sticking together just makes us feel less alone. But outliers, in our view, are a cause for celebration. Without a lone figure, there is no challenge to the pack. There is no alternative to the ideas and beliefs that, deep down, we know make no sense…. Read more »

The app that’s kickstarting a food-sharing revolution

Saasha Celestial-One got her unconventional surname from a pair of “hippy entrepreneur parents” who taught her the value of hustle. Growing up as part of a large family in Iowa, she developed an affinity for saving items that others discarded: spending days salvaging tin cans, wood from foreclosed houses and just about anything else sellable…. Read more »