For the 2Step Collective, running is just the beginning

During lockdown, Nadeem Freeman started the 2Step Collective with a simple goal in mind: to create a running crew – a culture – where everyone felt welcome. Fast-forward to the present moment, and the Liverpool-based collective now serves as a thriving community. It goes way beyond physical movement, too. 2Step is a multifaceted family based… Read more »

Football can be a force for good – on and off the pitch

Modern football is unrecognisable from its humble origins. But, amid the change and rampant commercialisation, one thing has stayed true: the fans.  The beautiful game has always been bigger than the pitch that it’s played on. As a unifying force, a connector of people, it is unrivalled. It can engage and leverage communities all over… Read more »

Meet the woman changing the yoga scene for the better

Sanchia Legister first tried yoga as part of her Drama and Applied Theatre degree but hated it. She didn’t get on with her teacher and found the whole thing inaccessible. “It was like doing a puzzle in the dark,” she remembers. She later found running and became embedded in the Run Dem Crew – a… Read more »

Meet the green-fingered student behind Botanical Babe

Whether she’s looking after her personal collection of 150 houseplants, sharing botanical knowledge on Tiktok to her 40,000-plus followers, or working on her thesis that outlines “historically accurate info & tips to make your plants thicc”, it’s fair to say that Tesni Boughen is a green-fingered authority. As Botanical Babe, she’s injecting a fresh dose… Read more »

The myriad benefits of losing yourself in nature 

During the first lockdown, once we got over the shock of enforced confinement, the boredom soon kicked in. The days seemed endless; the world strange and shrunken. With pubs and cinemas closed, gyms and yoga studios shut, and travel canned for the foreseeable, there was literally nothing to do. Except get outside. We could still do… Read more »

London’s paper-bag dynasty is forging a new future

150 years ago, Paul Gardner’s great-grandfather started Gardner’s Bags: a miscellaneous treasure trove of a shop, stocking all kinds of different paper bags and market sundries. It has remained in the family since then – passed down to his grandfather, then to his dad, then his mum, then him. Paul took it on the day… Read more »

Meet the family diversifying the world of greeting cards

Launched in 2018, Avila.Diana is a greetings card company that exists to “represent the underrepresented”. But the journey here wasn’t always an easy one for its founder Avila Diana Chidume. When she was a kid, Avila was always doodling. When special occasions came around – birthdays, holidays, and such – she’d design her own greetings… Read more »

Meet the running community reclaiming the great outdoors

It’s golden hour in the winter light of a London afternoon. Phil Young, Dora Atim and Marcus Brown, founding members of Black Trail Runners, are negotiating the wooded paths of Pole Hill, on the edge of Epping Forest to the northeast of the city. “It’s crazy that it still feels somehow unusual to run trails… Read more »

The Black ballet dancers taking on industry racism

From a young age, Cassa Pancho, who was born in London to Trinidadian and British parents, fantasised about becoming a ballerina. She attended amateur ballet classes from a young age, where she says she encountered people of “all shapes, sizes and colours”.  Things changed for Pancho when eventually, she went on to train at the… Read more »

Inside the fight to end period poverty in the UK

In the UK, one in four girls or women have at some point been unable to afford period products. But compared to how astoundingly widespread the problem is, period poverty is an issue scarcely talked about, in part owed to the taboo that still surrounds menstruation. Bloody Good Period, an organisation founded in 2016, has… Read more »

The DJ throwing virtual raves for the deaf

Despite there being 11 million deaf people in Britain, when it comes to places for them to socialise, there is almost a total dearth. Wanting to address this, Hackney-based DJ Troi Lee organised his first ‘Deaf Rave’ back in 2003. Lee, who is deaf himself, has since cultivated a close community of people who, like… Read more »