Huck’s Documentary Photography Special III springs to life as an exhibition at our 71a gallery, with a launch party and talk from photographers featured in the issue.

Huck’s Documentary Photography Special III springs to life as an exhibition at our 71a gallery, with a launch party and talk from photographers featured in the issue.

In Huck’s Documentary Photography Special III we went in search of stories of collaboration. We discovered that no photographer works alone: whether they immerse themselves in the lives of subjects who become co-authors, call on people with greater knowledge or access to help reveal things they otherwise would not have seen, or engage in a dialogue with their audience, each photograph becomes a collective endeavour.

To celebrate the release of The Documentary Photography Special III, Huck presents Collective Truths, an exhibition, talk, and launch party.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday October 20 at Huck’s Shoreditch gallery, 71a and will be open 12-6pm daily through Saturday October 24.

There will be a talk from photographers Diàna Markosian and Adam Patterson on Tuesday October 20 at 6.30pm and a launch party on Thursday October 22 from 6.30pm. RSVP for the talk and launch party here.

The show will feature stories from The Documentary Photography Special III, including:

Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti – The Heavens: Exposing the mysterious abyss of tax havens, the absurdity of our global economic system and the weird world of the privileged one per cent.

Diàna Markosian – 1915: A hundred years after the Armenian genocide, a twenty-five-year-old photographer tracks down three survivors and together they journey back to the past.

Roger May – Looking at Appalachia: Exposing the bigger picture about a proud, but often misunderstood (or misrepresented) region of the United States, one crowd-sourced image at a time.

Peter DiCampo – Everyday Africa: How a simple snapshot of everyday life became a global movement that’s shifting attitudes around the world.

Daniella Zalcman – Echosight: From Ferguson and Baltimore to Russia and Ukraine, mashup project Echosight is blending stories from across the world to create a new common ground.

Twenty Journey: Three young South Africans – Sipho Mpongo, Sean Metelerkamp and Wikus de Wet – hit the road together, in a bid to understand the land that binds them.

Koan Collective: Documentary photography can be a lonely business, but friends Amanda Mustard, Alex Potter, Cooper Neill and Alison Joyce found a way to work together as individuals.

Glenna Gordon – Muslim Romance: Glenna Gordon stumbled across a Muslim romance novel in Nigeria’s religious north and entered a world where the rules of love became a barrier.

Adam Patterson – To Hell and Back: The only way to capture the experiences of Chilean miners trapped underground was to drop a camera down the hole.

Avijit Halder – The Red Light Kid: Growing up in a Calcutta brothel, Avijit Halder developed a unique way of seeing the world.

Josh Cunliffe & Ben Rutherford – Bush Land: Covered in dust and cattle blood, two friends push past self-doubt to capture a dual portrait of life in the Outback.

Collective Truths is open daily 12-6pm, from Tuesday October 20 through Saturday October 24 at Huck’s Shoreditch gallery, 71a, Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS.

RSVP here for a talk from photographers Diàna Markosian and Adam Patterson on Tuesday October 20 at 6.30pm.

RSVP here for the launch party on Thursday October 22, from 6.30-9.30pm.

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