700,000 take to the streets to call for people’s vote on Brexit

700,000 take to the streets to call for people’s vote on Brexit

How did we get here? — Photographer Theo McInnes joins the crowds in London as they call for another referendum on the final Brexit vote.

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of protestors gathered on the streets of London to call for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal.

The march, which drew around 700,000 people, was reportedly the largest demonstration against government policy since 2003’s anti-Iraq war protest. It was organised as a rebuttal to the Tory party’s disastrous (non-existent?) EU exit strategy, which has caused months of painful deliberating and political infighting. (For those who haven’t been following, we’re basically no closer to reaching a final deal than we were two years ago. It is an unimaginable shit show).

Although Theresa May has already shot down the chance of a second referendum, protestors from across the UK still tried their luck; gathering in Parliament Square on Saturday to peacefully make their cases. Voters, they believed, should be given another chance to share their opinions on what the final outcome will look like. Should we commit to a hard Brexit? A soft one? Or should we just call it off altogether?

“We had a people’s vote in 2016,” brushed off a Downing Street source following the protest. “A second referendum would really be a politicians’ vote – politicians telling the people they got it wrong the first time and should try again. That would do lasting damage to faith in democracy.”

Huck photographer Theo McInnes joined the hopeful crowds as they gave it one final shot.

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