The Working Artisans' Club 2014 — In 1952, Jack O'Neill invented the wetsuit so that he could stay in the water longer. His simple ambition led to an extraordinary future, both for himself and the surfing world as a whole. The Working Artisans' Club is the next chapter in that story - a celebration of modern makers, artisans and innovative craftfolk that will culminate in exhibitions in Germany and London. Throughout the year we'll be profiling makers from across Europe in a series of short films on the website and articles in the magazine.

With every hollow wooden surfboard he builds, Paul Reisberg understands the world a little better. Being able to shape his environment provides a certain confidence, freeing him from the trap of having to buy everything he needs.

At his workshop near Holywell Bay, outside Perranporth in Cornwall, Paul lives an off the grid life, and he likes it that way. He also travels the world conducting workshops on wooden surfboard making and is passionate about sharing the skills that allow others to build and shape their own boards.

Most people couldn’t tell the difference between surfing a wooden board or one made of foam, but for Paul, using a natural material is much more satisfying. Wood makes for a more distinguished end product as the unique grain that comes through in every piece of timber gives each board its own character and beauty.

The Working Artisans’ Club is presented by Huck and O’Neill.

The Working Artisans’ Club 2014 group show and workshops kick off in Munich, 16-19 October. Find out more here.