Berlin Wall artist Thierry Noir paints in the key of jazz

Berlin Wall artist Thierry Noir paints in the key of jazz

Thierry Noir: Jazz — Thierry Noir takes a step away from the Berlin Wall in his new exhibition that explores the harmony between art and music.

Thierry Noir was the first artist to paint on the Berlin Wall. Born in France, he moved to Berlin in the 1980s, drawn east by its underground music scene. Fuelled by the divided city’s creative energy, Noir began painting his colourful characters that are now iconic.

A year after his first big show in London, Noir is returning with another solo exhibition, Jazz, at the Howard Griffin Gallery. For the first time, he is moving away from his Berlin Wall legacy to explore the harmony between art and music.

Noir’s style draws many parallels with the music that inspired much of his work. The vibrant and clashing colours, in their apparent discordance, evoke the nature of jazz music when they come together in unexpected beauty. With Jazz, Noir returns to the musical influences that brought him to Berlin, from nu wave to hip hop, punk rock and of course jazz, capturing the spirit of the times through art.

The exhibition will feature some of Noir’s work as it moves into other art forms. Every inch of the space will be covered with colour – the walls, floor and ceiling. There will be large scale sculptural works, made in collaboration with artist Chris Tsonias, and custom-made fully playable (and colourful) instruments including violins, guitars and pianos.

Be prepared for a sensory experience, filled with vivid imagery and relentless energy.

Thierry Noir: Jazz runs from 25 June to 26 July at the Howard Griffin Gallery, entry is free.