Spontaneous Ink — RVCA advocates travel around Europe for The Big Trail, a skate, art, music and tattoo bonanza.

When three of RVCA’s advocates – Californian skater and musician Josh Harmony, Basque Country illustrator Benjamin Jeanjean and Sydney-based artist DMOTE – piled into a teeny old vintage car and set out across Europe last November they ended up leaving a lasting impression (literally) on hundreds of the art-lovers who came to see them.

Through Russian roulette-style raffles at pop-up gig-exhibitions in Berlin, Milan and London, visitors won the chance to get an original Jeanjean or DMOTE artwork tattooed on them, by the artists themselves, and leave forever fully committed to the ‘Balance of Opposites’ state of mind.

In this tour video, featured exclusively on Huck, Josh, Benjamin and DMOTE tear up the ‘old continent’ with offbeat skate sessions, basement gigs and inking marathons all soundtracked by Harmony’s unique bluesy melodies including a moving cover of Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love’.

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