London’s young bike riders gather for moving Grenfell vigil

London’s young bike riders gather for moving Grenfell vigil

A show of solidarity — This weekend, hundreds of cyclists from across the city took part in a free mass ride-out – stopping mid-route to pay tribute to the tower’s victims. Huck photographer Theo McInnes went along for the ride.

This Saturday, hundreds of young bike riders gathered in Ladbroke Grove to pay their respects to the victims of the Grenfell fire tragedy. The cyclists – who were mostly in their teens and early twenties – were taking part in a free mass ride-out, biking across London from Tower Bridge to Wembley. After reaching the Grenfell site mid-route, they stopped to gather for a moving two-minute silence.

The regular ride-out, otherwise known as Bikestormz, sees thousands of young cyclists in the UK horde together for meet-ups. Bonding over their shared passion for riding, they weave through traffic, show off tricks, and play chicken with cars. In a country that’s offering less and less to its young people, Bikestormz has become a strong social movement.

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“Going to Grenfell shows that the movement is respectful, despite how people who don’t get it see them,” explains Theo McInnes. The Huck photographer tagged along for the weekend’s ride, and felt warmed by the community spirit on show.

“They went there to show respect for the people who had so tragically lost their lives. It was a statement really, showing everyone that they are not disrespectful and that, as a movement, they do care about others – in a city where so many may see them as menaces.”

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