California's best alternative artists come together at Slow Culture

California's best alternative artists come together at Slow Culture

Milk and Honey — Justin Van Hoy's pivotal book Milk & Honey collected the best of contemporary Californian art. Three years later, Slow Culture are celebrating his work, exhibiting all 45 artists featured in Highland Park, LA.

Artistic communities have a long-standing tradition of everyone knowing anyone who’s anyone. The late Justin Van Hoy, who passed away suddenly in 2012 after a battle with cancer, symbolised this perfectly when he curated Milk & Honey: Contemporary Art in California.

It’s been three years since the book was published and now Slow Culture, an independent art gallery founded in Los Angeles in August 2013, is celebrating this by holding a month-long exhibition centred around the 45 artists Van Hoy featured in his pivotal collection.

He managed to encapsulate the ethos of Slow Culture when he said: “New bodies of work, collaborations, and schools of artists are presented and discarded at such a rapid pace that many valuable artists and avenues of visual work are lost due to a lack of a proper stage.”

Slow Culture opened the show on August 7, featuring artists such as Ed Rushca, Ed Templeton, Ben Venom along with a ton of other massively talented individuals. They showcased the images that Van Hoy had carefully curated into the book, all in a space where THIS Gallery once stood.

Check out Milk & Honey at Slow Culture, until September 4.