Canine motorcycle gang The Gravehounds invade Manchester

Canine motorcycle gang The Gravehounds invade Manchester

Skull Paradise art collective bring their petrol-head hounds to the Northern Quarter — Bone Street is now The Gravehounds’ turf as illustration and design collective Skull Paradise embark on their first show in the north at Common Bar, Manchester.

Fresh from 2014’s Pick Me Up at Somerset House, five “weirdos” from Leeds, London, and Brighton take over Manchester stalwart Common Bar with their Gravehounds; a leather wearing, motorbike riding, bad attitude, swearing gang of degenerate street dogs who have shed their leashes to live a life of hedonistic depravity. Skull Paradise have turned Edge Street into Bone Street as they lined the walls with anti-feline, anti-human graffitti.

Collectively known as Skull Paradise, Kate Prior, Pippa Toole, Sophy Hollington, James Burgess and Idiot’s Pasture combine their eclectic individual style to produce a playful exhibition that doesn’t take itself too seriously

Previous exhibitions at Common have never failed to push the boundaries of what can be achieved on the walls and ceiling of a back street bar, and the Gravehounds of Bone Street fit onto the bar’s chameleon walls perfectly.

Drink at The Gravehounds gang HQ, Common Bar, 39 Edge Street, Manchester, until February 2015.