Capturing a fading youth

Capturing a fading youth

Documents of living — Photographer and skateboarder Ben Gore releases his first book, Second Adolescence, an autobiographical photo diary about recklessly growing up, or growing sideways.

Second Adolescence is a raw, deeply personal exploration of the journey from youth to adulthood, while clinging onto childhood exuberance. The series of photographs documents a year of changing relationships, escapades and everyday moments, allowing a glimpse into the intimate process of growing into oneself.

The book is the subject of Gore’s first solo exhibition, at the Doomed Gallery in Dalston, London. The project was funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, successfully raising £1,041.

The Brighton-based photographer is a prolific zinemaker, whose titles include Here & There, Fried Brains, Dinosauria, and skate zine Radulthood, some of which will be available at the launch event. Gore is also involved in curating a DIY gallery and collaborated on an exhibition celebrating grip-tape art.

The Second Adolescence book launches on Thursday, April 9,  at Doomed Gallery. The exhibition will also be open on April 11 and 12.