Community and strength at last night's Finsbury Park vigil

Community and strength at last night's Finsbury Park vigil

United Against All Terror — With one dead and eleven still injured, London is once again in shock and mourning following the Finsbury Park Mosque terror attack.

It’s becoming an all too regular site in London, the vigil after bloodshed on the streets. Whether it was Borough Market, Westminster, or the Finsbury Park Mosque, the unification of a community in mourning after a terror attack is a sombre and powerful act of defiance.

When 47-year-old Darren Osbourne allegedly yelled “I want to kill all Muslims – I did my bit,” following a hire van killing one and injuring eleven outside a North London Mosque on Sunday night, a diverse and welcoming area of the capital refused to be broken.


IMG_8975In the hours that followed residents looked out for each other, shared resources, water and shelter, and last night as the wounded lay in hospital and families grieved, people from all walks of life turned out in the heat to stand united and to remember.

Holding placards and laying flowers, hundreds walked down the scorching streets to pay their respects and come together in a vigil that made it clear London will not be divided. Photographer Bekky Lonsdale went along to capture the vigil.

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