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Part Three: Create — In the final part of our new video series The Ed Templeton Scrapbook, Ed talks about exploring his suburban world through art and his first steps into painting.

“I’ve always been an artist,” says Ed Templeton. “I just didn’t stop like most people.”

But it was Ed’s first skate trip to Europe right after turning pro that opened his eyes to a new way of seeing art and convinced him to seriously pursue painting.

“I looked at the museums and everything when I was there and just like fell in love with the whole European relationship to art,” he recalls. “I feel like art was more ingrained, as opposed to the suburbia that I lived in. There was public sculpture and I felt even talking to people that there was a heavy respect for art.”

Art and skateboarding remain intertwined in Ed’s graphics for his skate company Toy Machine, but his highly respected personal work explores the dark heart of Southern California’s suburban culture and has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

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