EU citizens won't have rights guaranteed in Britain after Brexit

EU citizens won't have rights guaranteed in Britain after Brexit

The shitshow continues — Well, it's happening. Parliament has voted to trigger Article 50 and leave the EU, refusing to guarantee the rights of EU citizens and a meaningful vote on the deal. Great.

Last night, MPs in the House of Commons cast their final votes over the Theresa May’s Brexit Bill, meaning the triggering of Article 50 – which will set in motion Britain’s departure from the European Union – can happen any day now.

One of the most contentious issues in the run-up to the vote has been regarding the rights of EU citizens already living in the United Kingdom, and whether their rights would be guaranteed under whatever deal a seemingly increasingly unprepared Britain might be able to strike with the other 27 member states.

The House of Lords had managed to push through two important amendments on the bill, one which would give Parliament a “meaningful vote” on the final Brexit deal, while the other would ensure EU citizens were protected in the country, but both were defeated by MPs last night.


But while the two chambers and various parties played political football with the lives of the nearly 3 million EU citizens who live across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, protestors from both sides of the argument were assembling outside Parliament to make a final stand as well. Speeches were made, spats broke out, and most people went home disappointed. Photographer Theo McInnes headed down to capture the action.


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