Wood, water and waves — Sperry’s Odyssey Project take the Grain Surfboards crew north to Novia Scotia to surf unspoilt spots and hand-shape a new wooden board.

Sperry has been working on a campaign to let creatives showcase their skills through a series of journeys to mark the 80th anniversary of the brand.

Grain Surfboards lead instructor Nolan Collins is one of those creatives and this inspiring video takes Nolan and his team from the shores of Maine to Nova Scotia in order to shape a surfboard from scratch.

Working without the luxury of a workshop, the Grain Surfboards crew use hand tools to shape their new creation on the beach “You should be able to build them wherever you are,” Nolan says.

The aim is to leave their board for a stranger “to make a story of it”, with a note attached for its recipient and showcases the process of creating something by hand within the environment it is intended for.

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