The graffiti accounts you need to follow on Instagram

The graffiti accounts you need to follow on Instagram

Tag the globe — In honour of Utah & Ether, the Bonnie and Clyde of graffiti, who broke probation to go on a worldwide tagging spree, here’s our pick of the best graffiti Instagram accounts.

After being arrested for graffiti, Utah and Ether – real names Danielle Bremner and Jim Clay Harper, respectively – both spent a year in prison on felony vandalism charges in New York. When they got out on probation, in May 2011, they decided to skip the country and ‘bomb’ metro systems all across the world.

Shooting stills and videos as they went, the couple’s five-year graffiti journey through 11 countries and 37 cities became Probation Vacation: Lost In Asia, a book and 12-part online video series that has raised the bar for metro bombers worldwide.

They also documented their travels on Instagram, and in the process have become on of the most followed graffiti accounts. In celebration of their bombing prowess, here’s our pick of the best graffiti accounts on Instagram – with a few dope graf videos thrown in for good measure.




Os Gemeos


Martha Cooper








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