In partnership with Squarespace — As part of Creative Resilience, we’ve collaborated with Squarespace for a special edition of Skill-Up. In this new episode, floral artist Harriet Parry lifts the lid on the creative process.

Floral artist and stylist Harriet Parry makes work from the heart.

In a special edition of Skill Up – created in partnership with Squarespace – the Londoner gives us an intimate look at her process: in which she creates a floral portrait in homage to her inspirational grandmother.

Utilising subtle juxtapositions of line and colour, Harriet builds stunningly emotive interpretations of the people – and things – she loves. The video offers a fascinating insight into how creative folks draw on their craft in testing times, as well as how they can cut through the cacophony to get their message out there.

Check out the episode above.

If you’re thinking of sharing your own vision with the world, start building your Squarespace website today with a free trial – no credit card required! Use the discount code HUCKMAG when you’re ready to go live.

Want more from our partnership with Squarespace? Visit the Creative Resilience hub.

See more from Skill-Up on the Huck YouTube channel. 

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